Intimacy – Hiding

  • Class: Exam
  • Year: 2018
  • Photography by Menno van Winden

We all desire to have moments of physical contact during the day, but most of the time we forget how important it is to have physical contact! In my research I discovered that having physical contact ensures that we feel satisfied and calm, our blood pressure drops and we experience less stress. Physical contact gives us not only a good feeling but also a sense of security.

For Intimacy, I designed three objects that give visitors the opportunity to experience all different aspects of the physical part of the sense of security. Every object has its own function in the experience and represents one of the three basic principles of the physical sense of security: hiding, embracing and the search for a safe haven. Each principle has its own character, tactility, and function to express the physical part of a sense of security. In Intimacy, there will be a sense of security for everyone.


The Hiding gives the visitor an opportunity to retreat. It provides a comfortable way of sheltering and once inside the object, eye contact is no longer possible. It is up to every visitor to decide how deep he or she wants to enter the object. The deeper inside the object, the more intimate space becomes. In this way, there is an opportunity for everyone to find their one safe haven inside The Hiding.

Photography by Menno van Winden